Why Capturing Professional Quality Child Photography Pictures Is So Important

Now more than ever, we live in an era of constant documentation, communication, and media creation. Seemingly from the moment your new bundle of joy enters the world to the moment they ship off to college, every member of your family, no matter how old, is equipped with an increasingly powerful pocket-sized camera and ready to snap and share photos at resolutions and speeds that were impossible even a few years ago.

In leading tech publications, multinational corporations go to war over megapixel count, each trying to convince you that their smartphone camera is as perfect as smartphone cameras can possibly get. Some of these smartphone shooters have even started to mimic the aesthetics of hundred- or even thousand-dollar DSLR cameras, providing even first-time photographers with background blur and high dynamic range. Meanwhile, increasingly high-quality cameras are even being integrated into sunglasses and other wearable technologies.

In short, it seems like it’s never been a better time to have photos taken of your family. As each of you grow and change over the years, the availability of multiple high-resolution cameras available to capture memories at a moment’s notice seems more and more like a safe assurance.

So, in a world where cameras are more available than ever before, why hire a professional photographer at all? Even further, why hire a professional photographer to snag pictures of your little one, whose incredible cuteness is sure to be documented extensively by a veritable paparazzi of fawning family members?

It’s a perfectly valid question. Here at Carrie Lynne Photography, since the dawn of the point-and-shoot, it’s one we’ve been asked more times than we can count.

And over the years, despite incredibly impressive advances in the field of consumer photography, our answer hasn’t really changed too much: we’re not in the business of simply capturing photos, we’re in the business of creating memories that last forever.

For us, “forever memories” mean a lot more than raw megapixel count or exposure settings: it’s about capturing our clients and their loved ones in a way that they can hold onto endlessly. We know that these photos are about more than “just another photo of the family”: these are the special moments that get cherished, hung on family room walls, sent to relatives near and far,  and pleasantly remembered for years and years.

Put another way, these photos become heirlooms. And creating an heirloom is about more than a set of tools, no matter how powerful.

Yes, smartphone cameras are more powerful than ever. And yes, the seemingly exponential rate of their improvement shows little signs of slowing down. It’s all but an inevitability that within a few years, everyday consumers will have access to cameras built into their smartphones that are at least able to emulate the aesthetics of professional photography setups that are worth thousands of dollars today. In fact, for owners of the most recent iPhone and Google Pixel devices, this is already starting to become a possibility, as professional lighting presets and DSLR-esque background blur are already available to consumers.

The fact that these powerful tools exist, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that the results that they produce will be worth sharing with your folks, much less at the standard of “forever memories”.

When I say this, I’m speaking from experience: every year since I was little, my own family has tried to capture a professional-grade family photo as an heirloom around Christmastime. In recent years, we’ve tried to capture these photos ourselves, both with selfie cameras and the assistance of grandparents given a brief crash course on how to operate a DLSR. The results have been, well, less than impressive.

Ultimately, the eye of a trained professional who has spent years helping families create outstanding family photographs is itself an asset. When you take the time and the expense to enlist the help of a family photographer, you’re not just gaining access to high quality equipment, but also to the skills and talents of a hardworking professional who has devoted their life to creating beautiful family moments that can be cherished for ages.

And especially for families with little ones who seem to grow up faster and faster all the time, capturing these professional photos is so, so important.

It’s so easy to get lost in our hectic day-to-day schedules and not take time to cherish the individual moments that make up the fabric of our lives. Seemingly before we know it, we’ve looked up and everything is a little different: months or years have passed, our kids are suddenly so much older than they once were, and we can’t help but wonder where the time has gone.

Those moments aren’t truly lost: they’ll be with us forever in our hearts and minds. But the opportunity to have something tangible to recall them by, to see the face of a loved one as they were in a specific moment in time, smiling brightly and captured in pristinely high detail, is a gift whose value cannot be understated.

Every year, looking back on the photographic memories I’ve created with my family is a distinct pleasure and a huge privilege. It’s an experience I truly wish every family had the opportunity to share with their own loved ones. They really do last a lifetime.

So yes — take those selfies and those candid shots. Surround your growing kids with smartphone cameras and cloud storage solutions. But also find the time to make forever memories with the help of a consummate professional whose keen eye can help create priceless forever memories that you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives.


Looking for a professional photographer to create precious memories of you and your family? Carrie Lynne Photography has been creating gorgeous photos of families and children of all ages for years. Visit our website to view packages and pricing and book a session in our Cincinnati studio or at your favorite outdoor location.

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